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Not with a fizzle, but with a BANG…

10 May

Dear listeners/readers/stalkers,

As the curtains close on a kiss, god knows, we can tell the end is near….*

The last ever broadcast of The Reel Thing will be taking place this Saturday on STAR. It would be really cool if you could all tune in to share one last film-themed hoorah with me. The playlist will feature some of my favourite tunes from the past year, some classics I’ve been saving for this occasion and my official swan songs.

It will be a mixture of tear-stained goodbyes and joyous reminiscing, but mostly it will just be the usual 60 minutes of film gooning and plain good music. Plus, if you are struggling with that dreaded exam revision or essay writing, it will be the perfect excuse to procrastinate and remember what having fun is like. You’ll find it all in the usual place on http://www.standrewsradio.com, at the usual time of 6pm sharp. You can also find the event on facebook here, just so that I can bug you one last time with countless messages:


Please make sure you have tissues available, as well as a sturdy bucket/bin for the moments when I get a bit too sentimental and the urge to vom overcomes you.

*well, there’s unlikely to be any kissing (vom), or any curtains closing really, I really just wanted to use a line from the Buffy musical. Extra points to anyone who can tell me which song it’s from and finish the line! (I don’t really expect anyone to be as sad as me, but it’s always worth a try…)


Howdy blog world!!

27 Jan

After a successful semester of radio broadcasting, I thought it was time to branch out and create a blog for the show (The Reel Thing if you didn’t already realise..). Plus I just wanted to be able to say ‘yeah check out my blog bro!’ to random people that I meet…

So what can you expect from this totally awesome blog? Well once the show is back up and running the blog will serve as the over-flow for all the crazy stuff I have to cut from the show. I realised last semester that an hour is NEVER enough time to cover everything I want to say and play so hopefully you can all gain further depth and knowledge from my inane ramblings on this here blog to satisfy your Reel Thing lust. Mmm salty.

The blog will also feature my random thoughts on film related news and reviews of films that I feel should be shared with the world (’cause I’m just that generous).

Some things to check out: Click on the ‘Track of the Week’ near the top of the page for my weekly recommendation of a song from a movie. I make no guarantee you’ll like it, but give it a go and you might discover something wonderful… Also at the bottom of the page you’ll find my Hero of the Month, Big Screen Must See and a collection of videos I think you might enjoy.

And now a warning: generally this won’t be a serious thing. I don’t operate in the world of the serious. I like ridiculousness and my aim in life is to entertain. I’m not going to be your average film-ponce. I will regularly advocate watching some shiz because life needs its shiz as well as its Cannes/Oscar/generally academic worthy discussion blah blah blah. If you want further proof of how this blog is going to roll please read these few proclamations:

1. Sex-Bob-Omb is the best fictional band ever. Just for the name. Say it with me SEX-BOB-OMMMB!

2. Michael Cera’s run is the funniest thing in the world of film. Simple, yet brilliant.

3. Kristen Wiig stole her penis impression in Bridesmaids from ME. How rude.

4. John Hughes needs to come back from the dead to film my life. Seriously.

5. War films are BOSS. If you want further explanation of this then tune into the show. The War Redux show is coming soon.

6. The 80s was the best decade ever. Again, stay tuned for further information.

7. I love films that make you think ‘bleurgh’ after watching them and that’s all you can say about them because you’ve been totally mind-raped e.g. Inception, Donnie Darko.

8. Don’t diss Stevie Spielberg. You will get injured or seriously maimed.

So if all that hasn’t filled you with absolute dread, then keep an eye on the blog or the facebook page or the twitter or just ask me (I promise I don’t bite) for details about when the show will be back on the air. It will be crazy cool.

Over and out film lovers xox

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