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The Road to El Dorado Part II: Bring Me That Horizon…

27 Mar

It’s been a while since my last post. Generally life has been pretty hectic of late. Deadlines, applications, decisions to make. I haven’t even had a chance to attend my temple of worship (the cinema) since my mind was blown by The Muppets. So dear reader, I apologise for this tragic lack of film related hilarity and advice.

However, we’re back in business (i.e. it’s Easter break and I have time to breathe again) and so for your reading pleasure I am pleased to present an update on my road to post-university life. Which consequently, is firmly going to be post-UNIVERSITY from now on. Over the past month or so my desire to enter into a PhD has waned. Seriously waned. It remains something I want to achieve in life, however I think I’ve had my fill of essay writing life for the time being. Never before have I uttered the words ‘I don’t want to read any more.’ For me, and those around me, this has been a serious and worrying trend to develop in someone considering devoting the next 3/4 years to further study.

Don’t get me wrong, I still adore Film Studies and I don’t for a second regret embarking on an MLitt this year. If anything, this year has done me a favour. I’d rather get this feeling in the latter half of a one year course, than a quarter of the way through a PhD. I said at the beginning of the year that the MLitt was testing the PhD waters, and I feel it has tested them very well.

I think the main problem is one that I mentioned in Part I of this little life diary; I have a need to get my hands dirty. At the grand old age of 23 I can’t help thinking  about what I want to achieve before I am 30. If I enter into a PhD now I won’t be able to get my proverbial hands dirty until I’m at least 27/28, and that is too close to 30 for my liking. So what things do I want to achieve? Here is the preliminary list (which generally gets added to/altered quite often and is in no particular order):

1. Visit New Zealand

2. Learn to drive

3. Cage dive with great white sharks

4. Attend all 4 tennis grand slams (1 down, 3 to go)

5. Publish a novel/have one of my screenplay’s made into an actual film

6. Live in California for at least a year

7. Volunteer for a few weeks at an Orphanage (probably in Africa).

8. Win the Best Original Screenplay Oscar (probably the most ridiculous but hey, I like to dream big and I firmly believe life is about aiming high)

Now for many of these goals you’ll realise (hopefully) that money is required and funnily enough student life doesn’t really lend itself to such expendable wealth (unless Daddy funds your life). There’s a big world out there and I want to experience as much of it as possible before I have to think about ‘settling down’ and all that malarky. Also, I just want to do something that isn’t writing an essay for a few years. Once I achieve all the above (except maybe number 8) I’ll PhD it up. By then I’m sure the need to learn will be burning away again.

And so I have now decided to exclusively embark on the road to employment and devote all my energy to getting myself a nice little job to get me on my way to infamy. I’ll be heading back to my homeland of London come the end of the summer (hopefully), so watch out world. Emma’s coming to get you and she’ll be taking no prisoners. And so as Jack Sparrow would say ‘now bring me that horizon…’*

*Please note I won’t be dressing as a Keith Richards wannabe pirate for interviews. Even if it would give me ‘an edge’.

(Look out for Part III coming soon. Unlike The Godfather it will probably be the best part, featuring updates on applications and living arrangements…contain yourselves dear readers, contain yourselves)

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